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Assisted living facilities are for people needing assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). These facilities exist to bridge the gap between independent living and nursing homes. Residents in assisted living facilities are not able to live by themselves but do not require constant care. Assisted living facilities offer help with ADLs such as eating, bathing, dressing, laundry, housekeeping, and assistance with medications.


Assisted living is not an alternative to a nursing home, but an intermediate level of long-term care appropriate for many seniors. We create a service plan for each individual resident upon admission. The service plan details the personalized services required by the resident and guaranteed by the facility. The plan is updated regularly to assure that the resident receives the appropriate care as his or her condition changes.

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The founders of Woodland Park Assisted Living all share the same core values: Faith, Family, Friendships, and Fortitude.  We take pride in our efforts to provide a great atmosphere to those who are still full of life but need a little assistance and security.  Woodland Park has been in operation in Genesee County since 2006.  Our Genesee County roots have presented opportunities for interaction with the residents and their families in everyday life in a wide range of social settings.  We pride ourselves in the quality, assisted living and unparalleled level of comfort we present to our residents. 


Woodland Park offers a small, home-like environment that allows a maximum of occupancy to only 12 residents. This allows our residents to get to know their fellow senior neighbors like family.  At Woodland Park we are proud to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of our seniors.  We encourage independence while always providing assistance when needed or simply preferred.


Our mission and goal is to enhance the lives of the elderly by providing the highest quality care designed to improve and protect the quality of life, personal freedom, respect, privacy, spirit and dignity of our residents. Our facility has been created with the purpose of providing peace of mind to our seniors and their families.

What is Assisted Living?
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